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Candy Crush is a very fun and popular game well liked by all generations. What adults and children like in this game is that the player can make special candies and to clear the puzzle with their help. The main task you need to accomplish before moving into the next stage is to collect fruits, remove the selected squares and achieve the points you need to clear the level within the given time limit.

A lot of combos are available to help you reach your goal. For example, by lining up 4 in a row, you are going to get a color candy that will help you wipe out the entire row in both directions horizontally and vertically. The so called candy bomb is also available and can blast a great area. You are able to combined two together in order to experience their power. There are more powerful combinations that you need to learn during the playing. Another helpful kind of candy is the chocolate one that clears candies of the same color.

Being a variation of the Candy Crush browser game, Candy Crush Saga is released for Facebook on April 12, 2012. Half year later it is released for smartphones too. This game surpassed even FarmVille by popularity gaining about 45.6 million users per month.

Currently Facebook Candy Crush Saga has 440 stages and producers continue to release more and more levels once in every 3 weeks. The version available for smartphones have 395 levels. Some of the levels should be unlocked first, before you are allowed to play. This is possible if you ask your Facebook friends to help you. The other option is to buy some Facebook credits.

Although it may appear easy at first sight, this game can be extremely challenging at times as some levels require you to think before making the next move. Obviously, the puzzles in initial levels is easier and do not require much brain power. As soon as you reach level 50, however, the stages become more and more difficult to complete.You can take advantage of Facebook credits by buying some in order to clear the puzzle. They are going to give you some additional special abilities that will make the game less challenging. It may take up to one hour to solve one puzzle, but game lovers find this game very intriguing and even addictive.

There are also some obstacles you will find on your way to the higher game levels. They are intended to make your game more difficult. Such obstacle examples are chocolate that is going to fill gradually the entire board or tornadoes that sometimes appear and destroy some game board spaces.

When it comes to the life system, the player starts with five lives. If he is unable to complete the level, one life is deducted. Approximately every 30 minutes a new life is generated and added to your account.

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18 Responses to Home

  1. Lisa O'neill says:

    I have completed the survey as requested but how do I receive my cheats for candy crush?

  2. Patricia says:

    Stuck on Level 147 for 3 weeks!!! :-(

  3. Been on level 391 and its impossible to achieve the points required I have collected all the colours required more times than I can count and its impossible to complete not unless you buy more moves this needs to be looked at as its putting me of the game please fix this

    • admin says:

      Hey Rachel,

      It’s NOT our game is we can’t “fix” anythingg :)
      Just download our file and there’s all you need to move to the next level ;)

  4. cheat in candy crush saga

  5. Elaine estolano says:

    I love candy crush

  6. William seipp says:

    Level 65

  7. marcia powell says:

    candy crush lowers stress level

  8. marcia powell says:

    i really enjoy crushing candies, this has become my favourite passtime. Love candy crush!!

  9. annagoto says:

    I need to play candy crush saga

  10. emanuel lane says:

    I love candy crush

  11. j day says:

    I hate doing surveys and receiving all that junk!

  12. Paulette says:

    I am stuck at level 70. I can’t make any headway, no how. I’m frustrated enough to give up. I can’t seem to make many matches on the right side but don’t really have much of an issue on the left side. But the chocolate on the right fills it up so fast I don’t see any way to remove all the jelly’s which are only on the right side. Am I missing something? Matches can’t always be made on the jelly side.

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